The Minions
September 29, 2014

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Meet this wild little boy, Hayden. Isn’t he just the cutest?! Maybe I am biased because he is my nephew. This is the one who calls me JOJO, and I just love it.

I got to experience his first soccer game ever this past Saturday. It was very entertaining! Hayden was the one that was just running with the team, like a herd of sheep, and watching us in the bleachers at the same time. They always say to “keep your eyes on the ball” but that doesn’t happen with 4 year-olds. ¬†They are just making sure that we are watching them play. When he had a chance to kick the ball, it was usually being kicked the wrong way. Typical for this wild one.

For all of you who have played a sport at a young age… Do y’all remember getting the Capri Suns and snacks after?! I was kind of jealous of the team. I wanted to be a kid all over again! Hayden asked if I was going to come over after the game and I just couldn’t say no to his precious face. I love getting my dose of loving on this sweet boy.


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