The Minions
September 29, 2014

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Meet this wild little boy, Hayden. Isn’t he just the cutest?! Maybe I am biased because he is my nephew. This is the one who calls me JOJO, and I just love it.

I got to experience his first soccer game ever this past Saturday. It was very entertaining! Hayden was the one that was just running with the team, like a herd of sheep, and watching us in the bleachers at the same time. They always say to “keep your eyes on the ball” but that doesn’t happen with 4 year-olds.  They are just making sure that we are watching them play. When he had a chance to kick the ball, it was usually being kicked the wrong way. Typical for this wild one.

For all of you who have played a sport at a young age… Do y’all remember getting the Capri Suns and snacks after?! I was kind of jealous of the team. I wanted to be a kid all over again! Hayden asked if I was going to come over after the game and I just couldn’t say no to his precious face. I love getting my dose of loving on this sweet boy.


#NYFW Recap
September 22, 2014
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Busyness has unquestionably taken a toll on me these past few weeks! EEKK! With that being said, I am a little behind on sharing what I experienced while attending Fashion Week. It was pretty overwhelming for me since I am super new to the blogging world. I was so encouraged by meeting other bloggers, along with a million ideas running through my head on what to blog about! Thanks for y’all patience, as I am trying to get a hang of this whole blogging thing!


Kendra Scott Showroom: Fall/Winter ’14 Collection & Spring/Summer ’15 Collection

Kendra ScottKendra Scott


French Connection Event: Winter/Holiday ’14 Collection

French Connection  French Connection


Fun with other Bloggers! L to R: Brooke Burnett (One Small Blonde) // Liz Hartman (Style Summary) // Lauren Murphy (Murphy’s Law) // Haley Berry (The Chic Burrow)// Amy Jackson (Fashion Jackson)


Yosi Samra & GiGi New York Event: Shoes and Handbag (upcoming collections!)

Yosi Samra


The heat press to add the monograms with foil! SO Cool!



Thanks for reading y’all!

“But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience” –Romans 8:25



Divin’ in BIG!
September 3, 2014

Hello, my peeps! This day has finally come… my first blog post! AHHH! I am feeling so many emotions right now. I am nervous, happy, fearful, hopeful, and most of all EXCITED! It has definitely taken more time than I thought to get this up and going. I am sure there will be changes along the way, but I am so excited to share the flair that is in my life.

I have always loved keeping up with trends whether it is in my home or on my body. I loved it so much, that I studied fashion while in college. I graduated with a BS in Apparel Studies at the University of Arkansas. WOO PIG SOOIE! Who would have thought there was an option to study apparel in Arkansas? I sure didn’t when I was looking at colleges to attend. Anyways, I love color and pattern so you will be seeing lots of that in the future! J Now let’s talk blog…

NY Fashion Week

I am headed to New York City this weekend for Fashion Week. I am diving right in to the blogging world and beyond excited about this!! Stay tuned for the pictures of my trip. This has always been in the back of my head to attend a Fashion Week at some point in my life. I never thought that I really could attend a big event like this. I am not sure what to expect but I know that I better dress the best especially for this. Now that it is September, I know that we are transitioning into fall which means that we can start pulling out those clothes. The weather in September is pretty much unpredictable since it is so early in the switch. I have purchased a few pieces to add to my wardrobe not only for this weekend but for this next fall season. This is my second favorite season with summer being my first! I can’t wait to share the fall/winter trends that I will be seeing this weekend!